Under appreciated jewels of my bandcamp collection #1

July 24, 2021 – 100 days to offload countdown #79

This post is the starting point of a series, where I want to give a bit of a spotlight to albums I bought on bandcamp, that aren’t in too many collections there.

The album of he day is KALOs Flesh & Bones; not a lot of people have this one in their collection, and that is a shame. The album was the bands first album, released in 2009. It is guitar driven rock’n roll written by Bat-Or Kalo – the bands namesake, guitarist and singer. It’s more playful than later releases, with a bit poppy keyboard flourishes here and there. I find every one of the eight songs is worth listening to, but I especially like the vocals and upright-bass of the album naming Flesh & Bones, and the vocals on No More Tears.

If you are into guitar music, give the band KALO and this album a listen – it will only cost you a bit of time and concentration – buy it if like it enough.

Bandcamp is a website with a business model that is, as far as I can tell, as ethical as is possible to operate. Up to 86% are paid directly to the artist (or independent label I suppose) - 10% for physical merchandise, 15% per digital sale is bandcamps cut, and then the payment provider takes its share, so I figure the artists share is at least 78%. The pricing model is flexibel, that is the artist or label sets a minimal price – some letting you to choose to not pay anything (name your price) – but you can pay more at your discretion. I usually pay more than the minimal price, unless that’s unusually high, to compensate for the people who cannot afford to do so - thus making the system work a bit better, hopefully.