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Welcome all Species

Welcome to my realm (speaking of the internet ;)
Tom Regner

I'm a geek of all trades working as coder and system-administrator in an aspiring and inspiring young company.
In spite of that I'm married and father of two wonderful children.

This webpage is build using HTML::Mason and mod_perl.

As the most important information on these pages you'll find my resume and an incomplete but current knowledge summary.

A few notes:

These pages require a user-agent with css-capabilities or a text-based browser. If you use an older user-agent like netscape before version 6 or MS-IE below version 5.5 you will have no fun seeing this.

Every page should validate as xhtml-1.1, and the css is definitly valid (2.0). Additionaly these pages should be compliant to the w3c's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 Level A, I'd be glad to hear about this and to fix any remaining concerns to achieve this goal.

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